By all accounts, the voice of Boston was not only a great singer, but a kind, sensitive and humble man who exited this world too early by his own hand.

Brad was born June 12, 1951 in Danvers, Massachusetts.  He died on March 9, 2007 at age 55.

He was known for his soaring vocal range, and on Boston's self-titled debut album, he sang not only all the lead vocals, but all the backing vocals as well.

He also played guitar, harmonica and keyboards and wrote or co-wrote several songs for Boston as well as for other artists.

An ethical vegetarian for over 30 years, he also gave to many different charitable causes, living his life in the spirit of compassion.

When he was found dead in his New Hampshire home from the smoke of two charcoal grills he lit inside his sealed bathroom, he left a note saying "I am a lonely soul".

Sad that such a talented and good man was so lonely in this world.

Perhaps we can simply conclude that he was too good for this world.

But we have his music that lives on and continues to bring joy to so many fans.

Rest in peace, Brad.

Something tells me that you'll never be lonely in the beautiful place you surely must be in now.