It was just announced today the class of players nominated for the 2013 Baseball Hall of Fame.

The debate rolls on!

Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, appear on the ballot for the first time. Other players on there for the first time this year is Mike Piazza, Sandy Alomar Jr, Curt Schilling, and Craig Biggio.

This is the first year that some of the biggest names in baseball surrounded by controversy is on the Hall of Fame Ballot

Amidst all the speculation, it has never been actually proven that Bonds did steroids. Barry Bonds, is all-time home run leader (762) in Major League Baseball as well as the record holder single for season home runs (73).

In 2009, Sammy Sosa's name supposedly appeared on a list of players that tested positive for performance enhancing drugs back in 2003.

Roger Clemens has stood by his innocence this entire time despite claims by teammates Andy Petitte, and former players Jose Canseco, and Jason Grimsley that Clemens has used performing enhancing drugs. The most damaging accusations came from Clemens personal trainer Brian McNamee, as he claimed he personally injected Clemens with Steroids.

What do you think? Should Bonds, Sosa, and Clemens EVER be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame? What about Piazza Schilling, Biggio, and Alomar Jr?

Results will be announced on January 9th, 2013

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