Bob Marley's son Rohan is partnering with a Colorado-based dispensary with the hopes of opening up shop in New Jersey.

Marley is working with Lightshade, and they've applied for one of the state's five cultivation, four vertically integrated and 15 retail dispensary licenses.

The legalization of marijuana is up for vote in November 2020, and if everything goes smoothly, Marley will open up a dispensary in Montclair. Marley has connections to North Jersey, as he has raised his five children in South Orange.

Marley said

In Jamaica, my family has long been advocating about the medicinal benefits of marijuana and its many pathways to treatment well before its medical and recreational legalization into the US.

If you're going to buy marijuana, there aren't many people that would be better to buy it from than a Marley family member, right?

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