The creative director of Universal Studios Hollywood caught up with Black Sabbath in Austin recently and showed Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler what 'Black Sabbath 13 3D' -- a new attraction at the annual Halloween Horror Nights based on the group's music and recent album -- will look like. Fans also get a preview of the scares in the above clip.

In the video, Universal Studios' John Murdy tells Osbourne how he was inspired by one of the band's signature songs: the eponymous 'Black Sabbath' -- particularly the part where Osbourne screams, "Oh no, God, please help me!" "People would visibly get scared and run off," the singer recalls of the audience reaction when the band first started playing the song live.

'Black Sabbath 13 3D' is one of six mazes opening on Sept. 20 and running through Nov. 2. According to the Halloween Horror Nights website, "You'll begin your descent in a demon-filled cathedral and continue on through graveyards, madhouses, corpse-filled battlefields and a nuclear apocalypse with mutated beasts."

Pictures of the beasts and schematics of the maze show up in the clip, and all three members of Black Sabbath seem very impressed and excited. As previously reported, other songs that inspired the attraction include 'Luke's Wall,' 'Iron Man,' 'Paranoid' and 'Electric Funeral.'

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