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I'm a big fan of wholesale retailers, they're the only places I know of where I can get a full palette of cake, four new tires, and enough laundry detergent to last me an eternity.

What's also fun is after spending an hour or so milling around and getting all the groceries and general goods you need, they have a place to grab lunch.

Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash
Photo by Ball Park Brand on Unsplash

Personally, I'm a big fan of Costco pizza.

There's just something about it that is so delicious I can't get enough.

Costco of course is one of the most popular wholesale retailers in the country, but its competition is starting to overtake them here in the Garden State.

In New Jersey, there are twenty Costco's throughout the state.

Their main competition, BJ's, has twenty-three locations and is about to open its twenty-fourth location this month.

BJ's Wholesale Club Set To Open Its First Passaic County, NJ Location

The new BJs will be located at the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne and will be taking over the former Sears location.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

According to, in addition to the new store opening up that this location will also feature a BJ's gas station.

Passaic Counties' first BJ is also set to have a gas station with six pumps, which are expected to be operational sometime in December.

As for BJ's itself, there is an official open date; Friday, November 18th.

If you don't have a membership, they range from $55 to $110 per year and you can sign up on the BJ's website.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

BJ's also offers consumers a free 24-hour membership for online shopping purposes, so if you enroll at midnight on Friday, you can shop online until midnight on Saturday.

With today's current economic climate, families are able to save big at places like Costco, BJ's, and Sams Club, so welcome to Wayne BJ's!

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