There’s a new grocery store in town and it’s yet another Shop Rite.  This one is located on the corner of Route 35 and Kings Highway in Middletown, NJ.  You may remember, the new location used to be home was to a Sears department store.  Check out what this new store has to offer.

The original location, which was located for over 20 years in the Middletown Shopping Center closed its doors Tuesday night.  According to the owner, Saker Shop Rites, the new location opened Wednesday morning.   No big book catalog, from which to view and shop, but the weekly Shop Rite flyer could reveal some new unique food choice ideas.  Items like a nutrition shop, organic and locally grown produce, a bakery department to handle special order cakes and fresh-baked bread.  The new store will also house thousands of additional items offered under Shop Rites World Class Kitchens.  A salad and olive bar, and a variety of cheese options.

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Richard Saker, president and CEO of Saker Shop Rites said of the new huge 91 thousand square foot grocery store, "It's a World Class ShopRite, but it's bigger and it's better,"

This seems to be the new trend of food prep.  Many grocers are thinking about adding these new aisles of goodness.   Bigger stores with more options.  A catch-all including many grab-and-go selections.  For Saker Shop Rites, this upgrade dovetails the same direction they made with another one of their stores.  Earlier this month they replaced their smaller store on Route 35 in Wall Township, NJ, for a much larger footprint across the street.  That location was a staple for 60 years.  Now if they can re-think the shopping cart. :)

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