If you live in or near Bay Head, there is no doubt you have had the pleasure of the little piece of history, and little piece of baked goods heaven known as Mueller's Bakery.

The story of Mueller's Bakery is very similar to the town it calls home. You would swear both came out of a fairy tale. Or in more modern terms, you would at least think it hopped off the screen of a Lifetime movie.

And if you've had any experience at Mueller's Bakery, there are two words that should come to your mind immediately, and those words are crumb cake. It is almost definitely the most well known item on their long list of delicious items.

If crumb cake wasn't the first thing that came to mind for you when we said Mueller's then you should get in your car as soon as possible, head to bridge Ave in Bay Head and find out what you are missing.

And then you think of their amazing history as well. This local legend has been baking since 1890. That's right, over 130 years of history in that one adorable shop. And there's no doubt about it, we locals love it and know how lucky we are!

And by the way, if you are one of the thousands of customers who love that famous crumb cake, then you should know it is still made from the original formula. Just think about that. customers over 100 years ago were enjoying that great treat exactly the way you are today. That's amazing.

And in our troubled times, we want to help lift up our great local businesses and traditions, and so today we pay tribute to the great folks at Mueller's Bakery in Bay Head and thank them for all they do!

Buy local!!

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