There is a very important question we need to get to the bottom of...WHERE IS THE BEST BURGER IN THE STATE ON NEW JERSEY?  I did some digging (I'm happy to research this one) and I also took the lead from your opinions. It turns out we have lots of fact, you may want to make this post into a burger bucket list and eat your way though it!


We started off getting a ton of love from the Northern part of our state:

White Star Bar in Jersey City

Rocky Hill Inn in Rocky Hill

Witherspoon's Grill in Princeton

Brick Farm in Hopewell

Tierney's in Montclair

Krug's Tavern in Newark

Steve's Burgers in Garfield

Cloverleaf Tavern in Bloomfield

White Manna in Hackensack

Then I started seeing some love for the Jersey Shore and South Jersey and I have to stand by these submissions:

New Jersey's Best Burger (According To You)

We take our food very seriously here in Jersey. If we're not talking Italian, it's all about who has the most creative, juicy and mouth watering burger in the state. I asked what you thought and you weren't shy!

I'm not kidding when I say that I'm saving this intel and I will work my way through this list!  To all the burger bosses out there, your passion inspires me!

Was there any place left out that you have to have on this burger power list?  If you have suggestions you want added to this post email me at and I'll be sure to link it up! If you are more of a sandwich fan, don't worry we've got this epic must have Jersey sandwich list just for YOU!

The Top 50 Best Sandwich Shops In New Jersey You Need To Try In 2022

And we can't forget desert! Whoa baby...

5 Cool Jersey Shore Sweet Treats

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