Last year's Beachwood Independence Day celebration was a dud. If you don't remember, the company that the township hired to put on the show wasn't able to find a backup driver to transport the fireworks from Maryland to Ocean County. It was an absolute mess, mostly because the show was canceled at the last minute, with thousands of people already set up along the Toms River. Word spread across social media, and everyone was let down (to put it lightly).

Beachwood Mayor Ron Roma is promising we won't see a repeat. Fireworks Extravaganza, the company that was hired last year, has contingency clauses worked into this year's contract to ensure that a driver (and a backup driver, and hopefully a backup for that backup, and a 3rd backup just in case) will be able to deliver the goods. Fireworks Extravaganza will also perform this year's show for free.

Fireworks in Beachwood along the Toms River on the Fourth of July
Fireworks in Beachwood along the Toms River on the Fourth of July (Shawn Michaels, Townsquare Media NJ)

The Beachwood fireworks are completely funded by donations, so the fact that Fireworks Extravaganza is doing this year for free (and gave a full refund for last year's show) means the town now has a "cushion" for the future in case donations are impacted by the economy.

With all the contractual stuff squared away, all we can do is hope Mother Nature cooperates.

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