I will be the first to admit, I know pretty much nothing about beer. I enjoy drinking beer and going to breweries but if it wasn't for what's written on the menu, I wouldn't have any idea if I'm drinking a lager, a stout, or an ale. A couple of my best friends are very knowledgeable beer drinkers and I think it's a sweet hobby, but for me, beer is just beer. Did I just trigger all beerologists?

That being said, Beach Haus Brewery is perfect not only for knowledgeable beer drinkers but for people like me who simply want to have a nice night out in downtown Belmar. The brewery's atmosphere is fantastic, the drink menu is relatable, and the food is top-notch. Recently, I was able to find out unique information about the brewery's plan to build on its most recent success. More below!

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I think it's safe to say Beach Haus Brewery is one of the best breweries at the Jersey Shore. The brewery has plenty of space and you can tell they take pride in wanting customers to have a high-quality experience. It's a great spot for you to hang out at this summer.

Beach Haus Brewery plans on taking customer experience to the NEXT LEVEL! At my most recent Beach Haus Brewery visit, my waiter said that they will add more seating on top of the roof. As of right now, it's a two-story brewery with second-level balcony seating. The brewery hopes to have third-story seating on the roof very soon. No blueprints or construction has been seen by the public yet but expect to witness a beautiful sunset on top of the brewery roof before you know it. 

Private parties, date nights, birthday parties... the opportunities will be endless for all customers. Cheers to Beach Haus Brewery and I wish them great success this summer!

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