Best known as one of the original guitarists for Boston, Barry Goudreau celebrates his 61st birthday today, born on November 29th, 1951.

Goudreau left Boston in 1981 and has done solo work as well as performed in other bands, including the somewhat successful band that he formed in 1990, RTZ, which included Boston vocalist Brad Delp (who committed suicide in 2007).

"In recent years I've produced two CDs with singer/guitarist Lisa Guyer and have done some shows with her to promote them. She's a talented artist I hope breaks through soon.

I also sit in with bluesman James Montgomery from time to time as well as being a former member of Ernie and the Automatics with Sib Hashian, Tim Archibald and "car guy" Ernie Boch, Jr."

Barry took the death of his friend and musical colleague very hard, as he had worked with Brad Delp both in and out of Boston, and they were in-laws, as well as friends:

"In the summer of 2006 when Tom and I were on the road to reconciliation, Brad and I wrote a song for the 30th anniversary of the the first Boston record.

It was the last song we wrote together.

It started by telling us how his love for the Beatles started him on a life of music, and ended by thanking the fans who had stuck with us for 30 years.

Old demons resurfaced, and a reunion with Tom, Brad and I wasn't realized. Brad is gone now and a great voice and spirit have been silenced. We miss him dearly.

I hope Brad can rest in peace."

And from the official Boston website:

"Barry continues to perform on occasion in small venues in the greater Boston area. In the winter months he takes to the ski slopes whenever possible, and during the summer, he hits the water in his Formula powerboat. Barry and his wife live on the north shore of Boston with their son and daughter."