Fireworks on the Bay have been a tradition in Bayville for a long time, but this year, a big change is coming.

This July 4th, fireworks will be set off at Barnegat High School rather than the bayfront. While a lot of people were upset about the change, Barnegat Police Chief Keith Germain took to Facebook to explain the reasons behind the change.

It's a very long post, but Chief Germain makes points like the fireworks celebration being defined by the Department of Homeland Security as a "mass gathering" and also a "soft target", meaning a large group of people in "a location or environment that is easily accessible, attracts large numbers of people on a predictable or semi-predictable basis, and may be vulnerable to attacks using simple tactics and readily available weapons." He cites the Seaside Park bomb that happened just over three years ago, and the NYC truck attack just over two years ago.

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The Chief also said the high school offers more parking, and an area that is easier to secure. The traffic before and after the fireworks will be smoother, and fewer officers will be needed (which will save the town money).

You can get in touch with Chief Germain at, or call at 609-698-5000 ext 203.

While I can't argue with the Chief's reasons, I just hate the fact that this is just a way of life now. I'm sad that I'm raising my children in a world of fear. I'm sad that I can't bring my family out to a big event without that nagging feeling that something bad could happen. Obviously I don't live every second of my life worrying, but whenever we hear of some tragedy, we all end up on edge for a while until the news cycle fades...and as these tragedies continue to become more and more frequent, I spend more of my life scanning for exits when I'm out in public. And I hate that.

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