Amidst all the anger regarding the possibility of a new reality show coming to Seaside Heights this summer, Bamboo Bar owner John Saddy is trying to calm everyone down, and explain what is going on.

In regards to the possibility of a new show, "The fears are unfounded" he said.  "It's not as crazy as 'Jersey Shore'.  “It’s basically a ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ East Coast version, where everybody works at one place", according to the Asbury Park Press.

John Saddy says that he wants the town's permission to do this.“We want to get the OK from the show and then present it to the town.”

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On Wednesday, the Bamboo Bar put a post on their Facebook page looking for people who might be interested in being part of a reality show based around working on the beach during the day, and working at the Bamboo Bar at night. Right now, the "working" title is "I Love Summer".

The reaction on social media was not good by residents of Ocean County and Seaside Heights officials. People are angry.

MTV's "Jersey Shore" television show really hurt the image of Seaside heights, and officials and business owners are trying to get Seaside back to being a place for families and just people who are looking for a nice night out on the boardwalk, not the crazy drunken party scene that was depicted on the TV show.

Town officials felt blindsided by having no idea that another reality show was being planned, and issued a statement saying they will not issue any permits for filming around the town.

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