I'm going to be spending all Memorial Day weekend (weather permitting) outside, enjoying the sunshine, the green grass, the BBQs, and the games! What are you favorite backyard games to play?

  • Flickr user bmarmie
    Flickr user bmarmie


    I don't know why it's so much fun to hurl heavy metal objects towards my friends, but anytime I go to a party with a horseshoe pit, I'm all in.

  • Flickr user jmayer1129
    Flickr user jmayer1129


    A nod to my Italian heritage. If you've never played bocce, it's essentially a mix of horseshoes and skee-ball. You have a long pit as the playing area; toss a small out as a target, then throw your larger balls, trying to get closer to the target than your opponent.

  • Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik
    Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik


    Volleyball manages to be one of those games that we all think we can do, but it ends up just being moment after moment of everyone saying "I thought you had it!"

  • Flickr user TheSquirrelfish
    Flickr user TheSquirrelfish

    Wiffle Ball.

    I have a gigantic family, and when you get us all together, add up my aunts/uncles/cousins, we can actually field two full baseball teams. Obviously the skill level varies with age, so we usually stick to wiffle ball.

  • Flickr user Ed Yourdon
    Flickr user Ed Yourdon


    If I ever have doubts as to whether or not I have hippie blood running through my veins, I can always remind myself that in the back my car I have at least 20 frisbees. Heavy duty pro frisbees, lightweight beach frisbees, promotional ones from various businesses, even those ones that are just big plastic hoops; I got 'em all.

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