If you love sports then you are going to love this huge event that is coming to New Jersey in May. It is one of the biggest sports autograph events of the year and you could be there with some of your favorites from the sports world.


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Greats from football, baseball, basketball, boxing, and wrestling will be on hand for this huge event at the American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It's Autographfest and it has something for all sports fans. This sports expo at the American Dream will take place Friday, May 13th, Saturday, May 14th, and Sunday, May 15th. Over 30 athletes signing autographs and over 400 sports vendors on hand. This is a must for any big sports fan!

Some of the biggest names will be on hand for you to meet and greet. Local sports stars like Mariano Rivera and Tino Martinez of the New York Yankees. Lawrence Taylor, OJ Anderson, Brandon Jacobs, and Plaxico Buress of the New York Giants. Vinny Testaverde and Santana Moss of the New York Jets. Latrell Sprewell and Larry Johnson of the New York Knicks. Allen Iverson of the Philadelphia Seventy-Sixers. New York Mets great Doc Gooden.

Nationally there will be fantastic stars in baseball, basketball, wrestling, and boxing. Including Cincinnati Reds legend Pet Rose.


Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame News Conference
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Also joining Auographfest will be World Champion Iron Mike Tyson who will be meeting and greeting fans at this New Jersey sports expo. In addition, from the world of Wrestling, Goldberg and Nature Boy Ric Flair will be at Autographfest meeting with fans. Baseball great Roger Clemens will also be at this event.



Mike Tyson Cares & We 2 Matter Fundraiser
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Don't miss this sports event at the American Dream Mall! Also on hand from TV's Seinfeld the Soup Nazis will be signing autographs.


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