I'm sorry but this just is NOT right...and hopefully, other dog owners will agree with me.

According to NJ.com, dogs will be allowed on the North Wildwood beaches when lifeguards are off duty this upcoming Summer.

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This means that as long as they are leashed, pups are good to roll in the sand before 9:00 AM and after 5:30 PM.

“Folks would call the police on a person walking a dog early in the morning when they were the only person within a mile," said Mayor Patrick Rosenello. "It’s hard to justify why someone can’t walk their dog at 6:30 in the morning on an empty beach.”


And here is the sentence on NJ.com that grinds my gears the most:

"Rosenello said the overwhelming majority of people in town are responsible dog owners, so he doesn’t anticipate many issues."

Hey Monmouth and Ocean County mayors -- why don't you have more trust in us New Jersey residents like the North Wildwood Mayor, huh?
The reason I am so angry is because Seaside Heights just recently announced that they are not allowing dogs on their beaches or boardwalk, even during the off season months this year.
The idea behind this rule change is that it is getting more crowded earlier in the year because of the warmer weather and that people have cabin fever to the max. I guess this is related to COVID-19.
Even more insulting -- this includes emotional support animals.
However, making emotional support animals off limits bring this discussion to a whole new level.
To have an emotional support animal, you must be certified by a medical health professional. No, really....please tell me more how you are going to deny someone a companion that a medical professional said they needed.
I want to use language that I really shouldn't use right about now.

How is it that one New Jersey mayor is able to find a way for all to enjoy the beach and boardwalk and the other is just cutting off access for some all together??

As a Jersey Shore local, I recognize that of course you will always have a few bad eggs in the pack.
BUT....I walk up and down the beach in my town year round with my dog. I pick up after my dog and a majority of other dog owners definitely do the same.
If they didn't, there would be poop everywhere because more people utilize our beaches during the off season than you would think.
So I am BEGGING Seaside Heights Mayor Anthony E Vaz -- and all Monmouth and Ocean County mayors for that matter -- to reconsider this ruling!
Reach out to him and let him know if you agree. You can call him at (732) 793-9100.
Here is an idea: Why don't we try out Wildwood's system??
Locals and tourists would still be able to enjoy the beach during the peak hours and pups and their owners can still create amazing memories during sunset and sunrise iwthout disrupting the crowds.
There has got to be a better way. PLEASE tell me you agree?
For more information on Wildwood's new ruling, CLICK HERE.
For more information on Seaside's new ruling, CLICK HERE.

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