Following the tragedy and massacre that occurred at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas calls have echoed across the nation including here in New Jersey for more to be done to end gun violence and among the focal points is to prevent minors, even those 21-and-under from being able to purchase and own a gun.

Governor Phil Murphy made an immediate call to have all gun related bills in the New Jersey Legislature, both pro and anti, to be brought up for a vote at the statehouse.

One such measure under further consideration this week is one that would allow law enforcement to trace bullets to the gun they were fired from.

There was also legislation this week that was voted on in the State Senate which would permit the New Jersey Attorney General to go after gun makers and retailers.

It's part of a big picture effort to cut down on gun crimes and incidents and prevent any tragedies, shootings, murders, and related crimes.

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Asbury Park Police announced this week that they arrested two 14-year-old juveniles on Monday afternoon who were in possession of the two handguns you see pictured in this story.

There was an anonymous tip that sent Asbury Park Police Officers to the 300 block of Prospect Avenue following a report that came in about someone in possession of a firearm.

Police went off the description provided to dispatch and went up to a group along Prospect Avenue and upon an on-scene investigation, they arrested two juveniles who had guns on them.

Following their arrests, both teens -- one from Asbury Park and the other from Lakewood -- were brought to Asbury Park Police Headquarters for processing.

The two juveniles were then charged with Unlawful Possession of a Weapon, Possession of a Defaced Firearm and Possession of Prohibited Ammunition and were then brought to the Youth Detention Center pending a detention hearing.

(Photo: Asbury Park Police Department)
(Photo: Asbury Park Police Department)

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