This weekend was the end of the Christmas season in the Varacchi household. The events did not transpire without debate, because I hate taking down the decorations. Admittedly, part of the issue is pure laziness, in that I don't want to carefully take down all the ornaments and put them back where they belong, I don't want to try to tightly wrap the strings of lights and cram them back into the boxes they came in.

christmas lights
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More than just being lazy, though, is the fact that I just don't like the season to end. The build-up to Christmas starts (way too early, frankly, but that's for another post), the music is playing, neighborhoods are filled with color - then suddenly it all ends. I know people that threw out their trees before New Year's Eve! What the hell, man.

Now admittedly, I hadn't even lit up the Christmas tree in a week or two, nor turned on the window lights. But it was still nice to see the tree there, see the stockings hung up, and the various Christmas cotchkies around.

Do you still have decorations up? When did you take them down, or when do you plan on doing it?

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