So to almost everyone's surprise this season the New York Mets are 31-23. 8 games OVER .500 and are just percentage points out of 1st place (as I am typing this, the Mets are trailing the Cardinals 5-4 in a day game at Citi Field)

Going into the 2012 season, there were plenty of unknowns and turmoil surrounding this years Mets team. Between the lingering effects of the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme where the Mets ownership reportedly lost close to $300 million dollars, to losing Jose Reyes, one of their top stars to free-agency, Mets fans, and baseball fans everywhere pretty much counted the Mets out BEFORE the season even begun.

I understand full well that it is early June, and that there is plenty of baseball to go but the Mets have been playing great baseball.  They have the "no quit" attitude, and even with all the injuries that also plague the team this year. They are at the top of the standings in their division.

And to top it off,  the Mets have FINALLY recorded their FIRST no-hitter. It only took over 50 years to do so (thank you Johan Santana).

So with all this incredible stuff happening in Queens, NY this year, do you think their good fortune will continue all year? Better yet, will the NY Mets make the playoffs? Take the poll below and let us know.