When I saw that Victoria Secret is closing two Hundred and fifty stores down permanently, I kind of felt something of my younger years going away too.

I think I can speak for almost any guy growing up that there was something very special when Victoria's Secret catalog arrived in the mail. It actually was kind of magical.

My brother and I never knew what day it would come in the mail, but whether I happened to be the first to see it when getting the mail, or it was him, opening the mailbox door and seeing the catalog, was similar to Charlie opening the candy bar and discovering the "Golden Ticket"

According to the Daily Voice:

Ohio-based L Brands did not detail the closure locations, but there are 42 Victoria's Secret stores in New Jersey and 1,000 nationwide.

The closet New Jersey locations are in the Ocean County Mall, Freehold Raceway Mall, and the Monmouth Mall.

Earlier this week Pier 1 announced that they are permanently closing all of their stores due to the Coronavirus pandemic as well. Pier 1 has been in business for fifty-eight years.

Andy Chase
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