Last summer, NO traffic!  You had no idea what day of the week it was by looking at the Parkway. Since we are approaching Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer season, I like to remind our neighbors that the great Garden State has a law on highways, KEEP RIGHT PASS LEFT. So if you are that much of a spaz and don't understand that, it means the left lane is only used to pass slower drivers, then move back over, to the second lane and OUT of the 'fast lane.'

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Garden State Parkway sign
Garden State Parkway sign (Dan Alexander, Townsquare Media NJ)

All of us NJ drivers have been driving down the Parkway to just keep hitting our brakes for the car or cars in front of us....only to find out it's a NY or PA license plate. This INFURIATES  me beyond belief! Like okay, come to our state and enjoy our beaches, Atlantic City, head to a friends house or celebration, but for the love of God, KEEP RIGHT! When I am not in the Garden State, I always keep right. Why, because I'm considerate and let's face it, I'm not familiar with those roads so I tend to be a bit slower.

There is nothing worse than being behind someone that has no where to go, or even better, hasn't a care in the world about anyone else but themselves. MOVE OVER and we won't get all Jersey on you!!

BE SAFE friends!

Jenni XOXO

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