Our good friend Chef Mike has taken a break from his busy holiday season to enlighten us all with some alternative holiday survival tips.

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    Don't Break The Bank

    Plan a holiday gift budget and then don't look at what you spent until April... or ever. Then, destroy your bank statements and teach your children that game called quick, let's hide from the bailiffs!

    This holiday season you tend to get crazy with your spending without actually having the money, so just regift and save yourself a ton of dough.

  • Valentyn Volkov
    Valentyn Volkov

    Switch Up The Menu

    Why not spare yourself the agony of producing a traditional holiday dinner and offer something different for a change, like a salad? This will make the small children cry and frighten the older people, but hey, you can't ever get through the holidays without upsetting someone anyway, so go for it and make yourself happy. Plus, it's easier to clean up.

  • steve everts
    steve everts

    Cure The Hangover

    So, you are pretending to be Clark Griswald and hitting the eggnog a little hard until you wake up the next day feeling like a truck ran you over? No worries, just follow these simple steps:

    Drink lots of water, pop 2 aspirin, and get to your favorite fast food joint and order the greasiest food they got. In no time, you will feel like a million bucks!

  • Bashutskyy

    Add Alcohol & Enjoy The Show

    So everyone has a crazy cousin Eddie or drunk uncle that always gets out of control and makes a scene. My tip is to pour them a Bailey's because it's the holidays and it makes it OK to drink whiskey and cream.

    Make yourself some popcorn and just watch the show. As long as they don't burn anything down or start any violence it will always make great stories to tell your friends.

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