If you have not visited www.onlyinyourstate.com you are missing out! They are always coming up with the best New Jersey finds!  They just wrote about a special hiking trail nearby where people have been known to spot UFOs!  Not even kidding...

Getty Images - ThunderValleyHC
Getty Images - ThunderValleyHC

Do I believe in the supernatural?  100% YES. Do I believe in aliens and UFOs?  I didn't, until my co-host, Lou Russo informed me that our government recently released a report that owned the fact that there are many sightings that even they can't explain.

The location is quite surprising. Rumor has it that a UFO once landed there!  What the what?  Really?  If you look from a bird's eye view, there is a perfect circle of fully grown pine trees.  Those trees are thought to be the markings of when a UFO landed on that very spot. The article also says that some people lose their cell phone connections when standing near it and their watches stop working too!

It is...Double Trouble State Park in Lacey and Berkeley Townships. It has been a popular Ocean County hiking spot for a long time, but I'm just learning about the UFO connection myself...The Double Trouble State Park Trail is a good hike for any age since it is less than 3 miles long but if you are spooked by the prospect of being sucked up into a space ship you might want to think twice :-)  Read all about it here!

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