Alice Cooper has distilled the spooky essence of his rockstar persona into a new horror-themed party game called HorrorBox.

The card-based entertainment from Fitz Games is sure to be a hit for rock fans familiar with Cards Against Humanity, the game where players complete fill-in-the-blank phrases with options often risqué or politically incorrect. Alice Cooper's HorrorBox is similar, but with a twist that matches the rocker's visage.

See some photos of the game and watch an official introduction from the Welcome to My Nightmare singer down toward the bottom of this post.

"Minions, you know me," Cooper says at the top of the brief HorrorBox unboxing video that emerged on Monday (Oct. 26). "I've never played games with you — until now. This is my new card game, HorrorBox. It's a horror-themed card game with questions, answers and dares. Let's take a look inside."

The base version of the game comes with 420 cards, and it's available for pre-order now. (The game will ship out in about two weeks.) Various expansion packs — covering classic movies, modern movies, iconic characters, monsters, aliens, supernatural phenomena and more — will also be available.

What more could an Alice Cooper fan want for Halloween? For listeners of the legendary rock singer, the new card game is sure to offer hours of gaming fun for the whole family.

After all, HorrorBox is "Alice Cooper approved and sure to give you endless amounts of laughs about all of your favorite things horror," the game's description reads. "Call all your fellow goblins and ghouls for game night and talk about why you all secretly think Freddy Kruger is hot!"

Click here to pre-order Alice Cooper's HorrorBox and various expansion packs.

Here's a sample of the cards used in Alice Cooper's horror-themed HorrorBox party game.
Fitz Games

Alice Cooper HorrorBox Unboxing Video

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