There is so much history attached to the Asbury Park Convention Hall.  If only those walls could speak.  Just look at the history of concerts in that building...

Legendary Concerts That Have Taken Place At Convention Hall In Asbury Park

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There is no doubt the building is aging.  We may not even begin to know the repairs needed.  Asbury Park officials know that too well and have been sounding the alarm.

According to Asbury Park Press, city officials have been yelling from the rooftops for years now, to address the needed improvements at the architectural boardwalk landmark.

The condo collapse in Florida this summer really turn up the noise of these warnings.

Back on August 25th, Asbury City Council decided to hold their boardwalk developer to the fire.  They held Madison Marquetteon in default.  They argue the Washington DC-based developer failed to make the appropriate structural improvements to Convention Hall

Attorney Joe Maraziti who represents Asbury Park in these matters, told “The Surfside incident raised everybody’s level of concern”

Asbury Park Mayor John Moor also said…

“Surfside may be a wake-up call for many towns throughout the country. Saltwater and salt air don’t mix well with concrete and steel.”

There have apparently been back and forth communications recently between the city and the developer dating back to the Spring.  But so far no resolution.

Let’s just hope there is movement on the necessary repairs sooner than later.

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