One of the biggest entertainment complexes has opened in Jackson, NJ.  According to Adventure Crossing’s website, they tout “over 300 acres of entertainment.”

Google Maps
Google Maps

They are starting to open phase by phase.

This complex is going to be a one-of-a-kind entertainment complex for all ages.

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Some of the featured entertainment includes basketball courts, bowling allies, baseball fields, restaurants, and so much more.

This will also be a location, for corporate outings.

If you have been to the area, or near the Adventure Crossing Complex, you may have noticed something grand on-premises, other than the Popeyes and the Taco Bell that have already opened.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There was a massive sign sitting there saying “7-Eleven Coming Soon.”

Well, that day has finally come.

The 6,000 Square Foot convenience store is set to celebrate its grand opening on Thursday, June 30th.

According to Adventure Crossing’s Facebook you can expect a massive event.

“We at Adventure Crossing USA are PLEASED to announce that the beautiful new 7-Eleven with fuel located at 515 Monmouth Road at Pine Street is getting ready to open! The VIP ribbon-cutting celebration is scheduled for Thursday, June 30th. Mayor Reina, the Mayor of Jackson, will officiate at this event.”

This location of 7-Eleven will also have great options for a quick meal on the go, from pastries to pizza, to sandwiches and salads.  This location will be the best spot to fill up your car and your stomach.

Adventure Crossing USA Facebook
Adventure Crossing USA Facebook

When is the 7-Eleven at Adventure Crossing opening?

If you are looking to celebrate with Adventure Crossing’s new 7-Eleven, the festivities start at 11:30 am.

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