Just kicked off 105.7 The Hawk's A to Z Anthology this morning with Barbara LaRue.  As we go down our Classic Rock journey, we'll take a look at some interesting "Fun Facts" about some of the songs you'll hear during the anthology.

The Who- Athena

Here's a music nugget for you:

In a February, 2010 interview with The News of The World, Roger Daltrey said that even though the fans seems to love this song, he didn't.

Said Daltrey: "No, I never liked that song. It's a great record. I think what happened with that song, it was originally called 'Teresa' and then Pete was talking to me about Nick Roeg's girlfriend and how he fancied her, and that song was written about her - but then it changed into 'She's a bomb' and I think I've got a psychological problem with it.

I listened to it on the record the other day, and it's a great record; there's so much energy on that thing but I still don't think there's a center to that song. The fact that he changed the title in that and didn't stick to what it was supposed to be lost it's center to me." (thanks, DeeTheWriter - Saint Petersburg, Russia Federation)

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