April Fools’ Day is usually the one day where people actually take the time to evaluate the things they see or hear. However, one Tennessee woman didn't quite get the memo and this prank went south fast. 

Susan Hudson decided it would be a great April Fools’ joke to call her sister and say, "Helen, I shot my husband. I'm cleaning up the mess. Let's go bury him in Blackwater." Now if Hudson learned anything in this, it's that her sister is a snitch because after receiving the call, she called the police. Officers showed up to Hudson's home and took her into custody until her husband came home and it was clear that he was safe. In the end, Hudson’s words of wisdom were to be careful if you're planning on pranking gullible relatives.  Also, she was very impressed by her local police department's quick response!

All in all, maybe we should just stick to pranks such as toothpaste in Oreos or the stuff you’d see on hidden camera prank shows.  Leave it to the pros.

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