A Nashville based punk rock band with an interesting choice in name has put their own stamp on the Bruce Springsteen classic "Born to Run."

In a video from April 2013, Diarrhea Planet are joined on stage by New Jersey native Patrick Stickles of the band Titus Andronicus at an underground venue in Brooklyn, New York. What follows is a raucous and spirited rendition of the title track to Bruce's third album.

Diarrhea Planet's big three guitar attack lends itself perfectly to the "wall of sound" production techniques that Springsteen and producer Jon Landau looked to capture on the original recording.

Stickles, a noted Springsteen fan, gnashes ferociously at the lyrics. The delivery is equal parts anger and urgency; it's not hard to manage that these were the things that a young Springsteen must have felt when he sat down to pen this classic.

Springsteen's punk rock connection runs deep. He originally wrote the song "Hungry Heart" for The Ramones after a chance meeting with Joey Ramone in Asbury Park. On his latest album High Hopes Springsteen turns in a punk cover of his own putting his spin on protopunk band Suicide's 1979 song "Dream Baby Dream."

Check out Diarrhea Planet's cover of "Born to Run" below.

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