Let's face it, it is very congested here in New Jersey. We have a lot of people and little land...this also means a lot of vehicles on the roadways. I wanted to ask YOU at home what drives (pun intended) you crazy when driving here in Ocean County.


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So I am coming up with the TOP 5 Things We Hate When Driving Here in Ocean County. These are 5 things that make us maybe let out a yell while driving around Ocean County. Could there be more than 5, probably but for now let's start with a quick shortlist of annoying driving habits?



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Unsdplash.com Spencer Davis
Unsdplash.com Spencer Davis



To be honest my biggest pet peeve on roads here in Ocean County is tailgating. I hate when someone rides up on top of you and just sits on your bumper. It's annoying, distracting, and dangerous...so back up!




So let's see what YOU hate when it comes to driving here in Ocean County ....

  2. No Turn Signals
  3. Not Yielding
  4. Speeding
  5. Going Slow in the Fast Lane

Looks like these are the Top 5 things that bother people on New Jersey roadways. Here are some of your comments ….

  • Lori: Not yielding at a Yield sign(or not understanding the concept of the yield)
    No using their blinker
  • Hugh: Driving too slow in the left hand lane (although most of the time, they have NY plates)
  • Rick: Heavy right foot….Not sure if it’s the Jersey water that does that, but it seems to be the right foot has a little extra weight
  • Patricia: Speeding and tailgating

Let us know what YOU think and post your comments 👇🏻


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