Being that Father's Day is this weekend, it's a Founding Father's weekend here on the Hawk. We are paying homage to some of the coolest dads on the planet from the world of hard rock and heavy metal. Not that we would trade in any of our own dads but it would pretty cool to say that you grew up with any of these rockers as your 'old man.' All the dads on this list are some of the most well known dads in rock. Some, not all, are fairly balanced, albeit, for the rock world anyway. So in no particular order, we created a great Father's Day list to say thanks to all the cool dads out there.

Alice Cooper

Having your dad be the godfather of theatrical rock and roll has got to be pretty cool.  If nothing else, your house would by far be the coolest to go to during Halloween growing up. Although, as seen in this funny commercial, it may be tough to try and argue lyrics to songs that dear old dad wrote when you're trying to get out of going back to school.

Dee Snider

The Snider kids are one of a few on this list that were lucky enough to be featured on their own family reality series, entitled 'Growing Up Twisted.' It has to be pretty neat to be the son of  Dee Snider, one of the coolest frontmen in the business. Dee's oldest son Jessie is following in his pop's footsteps, as he is getting into music also. Here's a video of Jessie performing with his 'twisted' dad some time ago in a New York City club.

Eddie Van Halen

If you're the son of guitar legend Eddie Van Halen, not only is your dad probably one of the best guitarists on the planet but you got named Wolfgang. That rates pretty high on the cool meter. On top of that, you get to grow up, learn the guitar from one of the best in the business and then later go out on tour with dad's band. Enough said.

Gene Simmons

If your dad is a fire-breathing demon with really cool face paint, they really isn't much to argue about how cool he is. But like every dad no matter whether he is in a rock band or not, they always find a way to embarrass the kids. If you're Nick and Sophie Simmons, the son and daughter of Gene, the embarrassment just happens to be magnified a little since you have a reality TV show called 'Gene Simmons Family Jewels' and all.

Ozzy Osbourne

When your dad is in a band, it's cool. When your dad is the price of darkness, well that just takes it a whole other level. Growing up with one of the founding fathers of heavy metal and one of the most insane lead singers of all time sets the bar pretty high for all the other dads out there. Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack recently created a documentary recently though entitled 'God Bless Ozzy Osbourne' to show the softer, behind-the-curtain- side of his father. No matter what side of Ozzy is shown, he'll always be one of the coolest dads by far.

Whether you a rock & roll dad or not, we wish all the dads out there a very happy & healthy Father's Day!

Any rocking dads we forgot to put on this list? Feel free to list them below.



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