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If there is one thing people in South Jersey defend more than anything else, it's Wawa. Trying to explain all of the reasons why Wawa is the best place on earth is sometimes difficult. How could people love gas station food?

Move over Disney World, the happiest place on earth is in fact Wawa. If you go to Wawa at least twice a day and have your hoagie order down to a science, you need these 5 Wawa items.

  • HF12GHFHI via
    HF12GHFHI via

    Wawa Hat

    Are you really a fan of Wawa if you don't have a Wawa hat? Okay, I don't have one either, but I really want one. Check out this hat here.

  • Wawa Eagles Shirt for fans via Amazon
    Wawa Eagles Shirt for fans via Amazon

    Wawa Eagles Shirt

  • Howard Stoeckel via
    Howard Stoeckel via

    The Wawa Way Book

    Have you ever pondered the history of the glorious place called Wawa? Well ponder no more, because The Wawa Way gives you 50 years of Wawa history. Check out the book here.

  • Wawa via
    Wawa via

    Wawa Coffee

    If you don't feel like leaving your house, you can have Wawa coffee delivered right to your home. However, who doesn't enjoy a good Wawa run? Get Wawa coffee here.

  • I Speak Wawa Run Shirt via
    I Speak Wawa Run Shirt via

    I Speak Wawa T-Shirt

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