The winning continues on the Jersey Shore for lottery winners. It seems each week we hear another story of a winning lottery ticket being sold in Ocean County.

On June 15th, a $600k Jersey Cash 5 winning lottery ticket was sold in Seaside Heights, and a $2 million dollar winning Powerball ticket was sold at the Silverton Pharmacy That winning ticket in Toms River was UNCLAIMED. Not sure if the winner stepped forward yet, but if it is you...What are you waiting for? Go check your old Powerball tickets from May 6th now! Those numbers are 07, 08, 35, 50, and 65. The Red Power Ball number was 20

Ocean County has another winning Mega Millions lottery ticket at McKinley Convenience Store, 100 McKinley Ave., Manahawkin for the Tuesday, August 4th drawing, Hopefully, it was a Hawk listener who won some money...$10,000!!

And most recently...On Columbus day this past Monday, Ocean County had ANOTHER big winner in the Jersey Cash 5 drawing where one lucky person won $372,477 (before taxes I'm guessing).

The winning ticket was sold at the Jersey Farms store on Old Hooper Avenue in Brick
The winning numbers were: 13, 15, 31, 35, and 36, and the XTRA number was: 03
Hopefully, it's you!! So what are you still doing here reading this? Go now and check your tickets!!
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Andy Chase
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