Heavy metal music is the perfect soundtrack for Halloween. They can be dark, sometimes lyrically filled with spooky things that go "bump" in the night.

The only way to make these songs even scarier is by making a music video for them. Some of these heavy metal videos are mini chiller flicks that would even give Freddie Krueger and Jason Voorhees a run for their money.

To get you in the Halloween spirit, here are some of the scariest rock videos that will put the fright in your night.

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    Alice Cooper

    'Welcome to My Nightmare'

    What would Halloween be without the master of theatrical rock and roll? It wouldn't be right if the 'Coop' wasn't on a playlist for the scariest videos. Spiders, cobwebs, blood, are all included, everything you'd expect from an Alice video.  This song could be the staple for the Halloween season.

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    Rob Zombie

    'Living Dead Girl'

    The Zombie man has made his share of horror flicks so you know that his music videos won't disappoint. This video, featuring his wife Sherrie, about a zombie girl that scares the crowd at a carnival has a pretty high creep factor.

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    'Cemetery Gates'

    Cemeteries are the perfect backdrop for any Halloween playlist. Especially when it is part of the name of the song. This is probably one of Pantera's "spookier" songs. You add in parts of the video where it seems as if you're being buried and you have a the makings of a frightening rock video.

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    Type O Negative

    'Black No. 1'

    Type O should be the house band for any Halloween event. This song especially, talking about a vampire-like girl who is looking for her next victim. Lots of dark moments are included in this video.

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    Marilyn Manson

    'The Nobodies'

    Manson has a complete library of freaky videos to choose from for Halloween, This one stuck out more so than others, just because it's a great song and you have a couple of creepy nuns, evil children and Manson as a tree-person, this video makes the list.

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    'Wait and Bleed'

    The masks and stage presence alone are enough to have any of Slipknot's videos added to this list. The alternate version of their hit song 'Wait and Bleed' though is one of their creepier projects by far.

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    Leave it to Tool to make claymation extremely creepy. The little skeleton guy featured in the band's video will definitely keep you up at night and have you doing a double-check under the bed.

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    Iron Maiden

    'Flight of Icarus'

    The band that boats Eddie as their mascot has to be included in this playlist. 'Flight of Icarus' is one of their scarier videos that includes an evil blue faced grim reaper (played by drummer Nicko McBrain no less) and even a cameo by Eddie as well.

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    It's Slayer and its a video with the band covered in blood. Enough said.

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    Ozzy Osbourne

    'Bark at the Moon'

    What would a spooky video list be without the Prince of Darkness himself? The Ozzman created possibly ther perfect Halloween video as Ozzy is depicted as the mad scientist who morphs into a werewolf type creature, hunting his prey at night.

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