The White House Correspondents' dinner showed us that yes, sometimes even stuffy politicians have their moment of funny.

Some are saying President Obama actually outshone Jimmy Kimmel.

I'm not sure about that, but I am sure that everyone always says they have a sense of humor, whether they actually do or not.

Of course, I really believe most people have some sense of humor, unless you happen to be either a dictator or a member of the British Royal Family (just kidding)!

(Royal fanatics, please don't sent me hate mail.  Friends of dictators, could you please not  send me any mail at all?)

But comedy that makes some people howl makes others bored or even offends them.

I love dark comedy but I can go very silly, too (Monty Python has always made me laugh, not just because Graham Chapman said, "stop it, it's silly" but because it's so utterly irreverent).  Anyone who makes fun of society and how absurd we humans behave is always welcome around me.

Now, about you.