Must Watch- Water Skiing in Brick Pathmark Parking Lot
There are always some people that make the best of any situation.
Case in Point...Scott Mcavay having some fun this morning doing some "wake-boarding" in the Pathmark/K-Mart Shopping Center in Brick while all the flooding was happening
Video credited George Worthington Facebook
Flooding Videos From the Monday Morning Rain
Brick, NJ and surrounding towns received up to EIGHT INCHES of rain this morning in a short amount of time.
People had to be rescued from their cars and homes, and a State of Emergency has been declared in Brick with more possible flooding happening later this afternoon and evening...
[WATCH] New Jersey Weekend Flooding Washing Cars Away
This is incredible video footage of the damage that was caused by the rain and flooding over the weekend. This took place on Saturday when tremendous rain storms passed through North Jersey.
These cars being washed away were from a Chrysler Dealership in Little Falls

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