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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids To Explain Adultery [Video]
From time to time, Jimmy Kimmel sends a cameraman out on the streets to ask unsuspecting people some questions. Most times, the intent is to make people look stupid by asking simple questions, which always generate a series of ridiculous answers. This case was a little different.
Slo-Mo Video Of David Lee Roth’s Nose Injury on Kimmel [VIDEO]
In case you missed it this week, Van Halen had their first live TV performance on Jimmy Kimmel the other night.

The first song they performed was "Panama", and at the start of the song, David Lee Roth was spinning a microphone stand incredibly fast where he hit himself in the nose and sta…
David Lee Roth Busts his Nose on Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]
Van Halen was on Jimmy Kimmel last night to promote their new "Tokyo Dome- Live in Concert" Cd, and to also kick of their summer tour.

At the beginning of "Panama", David Lee Roth came out on stage spinning the microphone stand like a Mad-Man. At some point while spinning it, he…
Baby Wyatt Rocks Pantera on Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]
About a week ago, Varacchi posted a video featuring eight and a half month old Wyatt playing the drums to a Pantera song. The video caught Jimmy Kimmel's attention
Jimmy Kimmel invited Baby Wyatt on to his late night show for a segment called "Can they do it live...

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