Saturday Night Slaughterhouse

10 Songs That Will Rock Your Christmas
Tired of listening to the old boring Yuletide favorites on your iPod? Can't take another minute of listening to the 'Dominick the Donkey' or even worse, 'The Christmas Shoes'? Well then get ready to ho-ho-headbang your way into Christmas this year with 10 of the coolest rocking tunes this side of th…
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Still Gets it Wrong
It is time once again for my annual rant against the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Granted this year, I was pleasantly surprised when the nominees were announced, to an extent. But that doesn't meant I didn't still find plenty to gripe about.
You’re Never Too Old to Love the Band Kiss
Last night I was fortunate enough to have a ticket to 'The Tour' with the bad boys of Hard Rock, Motley Crue and the legendary band Kiss. I'd say this was easily my 15th time seeing the band and once again, the men in make-up and large boots did not disappoint.

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