This past Thursday January 17th, Motley Crue celebrated their anniversary. The band started out in Los Angeles, turning the City of Angels upside down since 1981.

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No band in music has exemplified the lifestyle of "sex, drugs and rock and roll" more than the Crue. Since their inception they've rocked hard and played harder.

To celebrate their 30+ years of absolute debauchery (and we say that with the greatest admiration) we decided to celebrate their music. Everyone knows the band's classic hits, but what are some of the most underrated Crue tunes? We take a look at 15 great Motley songs that don't get anywhere near as much appreciation as they should.


15. 'On with the Show'

- Too Fast for Love'

14. 'Hooligan's Holiday'

- from 'Motley Crue'

13. 'Beauty'

- from 'Generation Swine'

12. 'Mother F**ker of the Year'

- from Saints of Los Angeles

11. 'Dancing on Glass'

- 'Girls, Girls, Girls'

 10. 'Use it or Lose it'

- from  'Theatre of Pain'

9. 'Slice of Your Pie'

- from the album 'Dr. Feelgood'

8. 'Bitter Pill'

from 'Greatest Hits'

7. 'Starry Eyes'

from 'Too Fast for Love'

6. 'Sticky Sweet'

- from 'Dr. Feelgood'

5. 'Red Hot'

from 'Shout at the Devil'

4. 'Piece of Your Action'

- from 'Too Fast for Love'

3. 'Danger'

from Shout at the Devil

2. 'All in the Name of Rock & Roll'

from 'Girls, Girls, Girls'


1. 'Louder than Hell'

- from 'Theatre of Pain'

What are some of your favorite underrated Motley Crue songs? Whats songs would you keep on the list and what songs would you have changed? Discuss below.