With Thanksgiving in our rear view mirror and Christmas fast approaching, people will be flying all over the world. I have talked about this before, but it can't be said too many times, air travel is terrible. The biggest issue is that the customer is treated with tremendous disrespect in most cases. The airlines act like we don't know what comfortable, polite, or affordable is.The mistreatment of customers has caught up to American Airlines in a big way, they have filed for bankruptcy. I never want to hear about people losing their jobs. In this economy that is a blow most families can't take but no business is as bad at innovation as the airlines. They are not any better then they were in 1970. In fact in a lot of way they are far worse. No other form of transportation has stagnated like air travel and we are the ones who suffer. Meanwhile, they claim operating costs are very high excluding fuel. Clearly they are wasting money and we aren't seeing ANY of the benefit. In fact, if there were a real alternative, like bullet trains, nobody would fly in America. Every time I fly I expect the experience to be better but it never is.

Compare your car in the 1990s to your car today. The features added have been tremendous and auto companies are not normally on the cutting age. Now compare your flight experience from the 1990s to your flight experience today. What new features are on a plane? A handful have internet but most don't, and that is the only difference. The speed is also exactly the same as it was 40+ years ago.

A complaint without a solution is useless. Here are some for the airlines. Please fake like you actually want us on your planes. Please stop lying to us about how a cell phone could crash the plane. Please let us wear our MP3 player if there is no emergency. That would be a good start. Could you do that for us airlines? I did say please.  Do you feel bad for American Airlines?