Everyone in the world likes to go away on vacation. Getting away from the "9-5" is something that generates billions of dollars. Many people work 49-50 weeks a year just to get away for those precious 2-3 weeks a year. One thing that millions of people don't enjoy though is flying. Ryanair, an European airline, is trying to change all that. In addition to having already released a bikini calendar they now plan on having games, gambling and adult films available on their flights. They also claim to have removed bathrooms to have more leg room in the plane.

Now this is what I am talking about. Airlines have done a TERRIBLE job over the years. Losing luggage, no leg room, bathroom lines, screaming children, & rude service. It also bothers me that in 1970 it took roughly 4 hours to fly from NYC to LA & in 2011 it takes the SAME AMOUNT OF TIME. Less then half the flights have Internet & they still make you turn your phone off even though it's proven a cell phone can't interfere with a modern plane. Finally there is 1 airline trying to make things better for us the customer. Isn't it about time we demand more for our $.