So, some of you know this about me: I don't drink. 24 years ago, I made a bet with some friends after a damaging Beach Haven weekend with details I may share at a future date! We made the bet in 1994 who could go the longest without drinking. One friend bailed in a week. The other in a month. I just decided to go cold turkey and ended my drunk years on a weekend where I am still putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

When I was a younger, drunken, single guy full of fun, beer was not my beverage of choice (with the exception of Manhattan College's $1 draft nights!!). I was more of a "wimpy drinker," getting loaded on the once famous wine coolers, mixed drinks, and a once popular 1990s' drink called Zima! Zima had a unique taste, kinda like 7 Up and booze. It had no bitter aftertaste and got the "job done". Shortly after I stopped drinking, Zima was put to rest and became a discontinued punchline of beverages like New Coke, Crystal Clear Pepsi, and TAB (which my stepfather still drinks).

Either due to irony or a new marketing ploy, Zima has made a comeback! I was at my nephew's graduation party last night when I saw a few cold ones sitting there. My brother in law remembered hearing my stories of the delicious citrus drink and decided to purchase some. My wife hoping I would join in the drinking fun handed me a bottle. The smell after opening was completely 1990s! I did have a few sips and as my stomach warmed up, I felt like I was in a time machine! Luckily for me, I have not changed my hair or clothing style since the grunge years. If I was a drinker, I would be stocking up on the beverage like people preparing for Y2K!

So, as you celebrate this beautiful Jersey Shore Summer with 105.7 The Hawk blasting from a mosh pit, take out your flannel and have a Zima on me!

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