Ziad Ahmed is a senior at Princeton Day School, a prestigious prep school in Princeton. He was applying to Stanford University when he got this question:

"What matters to you, and why?”

Ahmed's response?

In case you can't see that embedded tweet, he wrote #BlackLivesMatter one hundred times. Stanford accepted him.

Now, to be clear, Ahmed has an incredible resume to back up his boldness, including being invited to the White House Iftar dinner, leading Martin O’Malley’s youth presidential campaign, and interning and working for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. He also founded two youth organizations and delivered a TEDxTalk about the dangers and impact of stereotypes from his point-of-view as a Muslim teen.

He's also already been accepted to Princeton and Yale, so Stanford likely wasn't out of his reach anyway.

If this was just a "prank" where he applied to dozens of schools saying nothing but "#BlackLivesMatter" just to see what reaction he got, I would hate this kid. The fact that he's already become a leader of his community, already worked in politics, and already started charitable organizations makes me respect him, and the fact that he had the testicular fortitude to pull off a stunt like this is impressive.

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