In the past, we've shined the spotlight on Brick, Howell, and Freehold in our "you know you're from" series. Now let's shine the spotlight on Middletown.

According to my Facebook friends:

You Know You're From Middletown When...

  • you ask 'north or south?' (several contributors)
  • it's all about 117 (several contributors)
  • you shopped at Two Guys (several contributors)
  • you're asked 'do you live on the wet side or the dry side?' and you know what the question means (Corinne Fouassier-Sydor)
  • When you can pronounce Navesink correctly. (Bethany L. Ryan)
  • you grew up hearing ghost stories about The Spy House. (Mary Annthipie Kranis Bane)
  • your Thanksgiving dinner doesn't begin until the North vs South game is decided! (Craig Sydor)
  • you STILL think Shoprite does NOT belong on the far right side of the Middletown Plaza on 35. (Jennifer Pellegrino)
  • you know all the side roads to avoid the highways during the summer!!! (Lindsey Travis)
  • you played sports in B.Y.A.A. (Dino Bochicchio)
  • you've visited the Quick Stop and stood against the wall. (Dominick Pace)
  • you know where Vince Lombardi is buried. (Al Fiorello)
  • half of your new adult friends have a Staten Island accent. HAHA (Paul Skip Anderson)
  • you've parked in a cemetery at night to see 'Dancing Jesus.' (Jim D'Arcy)
  • you smile each time you pass Middletown North and smile to see the graduating year change on the "shed" on the track. (Alyssa Lorenzo)
  • you spent the day movie hopping at the movie theater where Target now stands. (Nancy Grandinetti Casey)
  • you've driven up and down Whipperwill in hopes of seeing some crazy stuff! (Lindsey Travis)
  • you've Ice skated on the Navesink pond (Sue Bertics Stead)
  • you went sleigh riding in the cow pasture. (Nancy Grandinetti Casey)
  • you waited to hear the fire whistles blow to see if it was a snow day. (Nancy Grandinetti Casey)
  • you have the world's largest all-volunteer fire department (Stacey Stefanski)
  • you can't drive down 36 in the summer! (Michael Hockin)
  • you ate at the Ground Round on the corner of Chapel Hill Road and 35. (Janice Palmadesso)
  • you know the black smoke coming from the Bayshore means it's fall and brush fire season. (Jim D'Arcy)
  • you remember when Stop and Shop was Grand Union. (Dana Mcmackin-Gearl)
  • the "scary clown" doesn't scare you! (Sandy Perry)
  • you remember Two Guys (Nancy Grandinetti Casey)
  • you've been to St Mary's fair. (Kerry Quinn)
  • you've eaten lunch at the red barn (Janine Demodna)
  • Mr. Smith aka Smitty gave you Saturday detention. (Dana Mcmackin-Gearl)
  • you watch Clerks and notice all the times they are driving on the wrong roads to get where they are trying to go to. (Paul Skip Anderson)
  • you cheered or played football for pop warner at Croydon Hall. (Melissa Bair-Jaggers)
  • you remember prior to Bradlee's on 35, it was a zoo. And when union square mall was a pitch and putt. (Suzanne Burke)
  • these numbers mean something. 787 495 671. (Erin O'Keefe)
  • you remember Jacques was once Bucky Smiths. (Amanda MacConchie)
  • you remember the smell of the fish factory or IFF in the summertime. (Paul Skip Anderson )
  • you've been to Green Light Cemetery at night!! (Robin Mack)
  • you went to Roy Rogers near Pathmark on new Monmouth road. (Suzanne Burke)
  • you rode or hung out at the bike trails behind Burger King. (Jeanine Storch)
  • people are so confused that your address may be Port Monmouth, Belford, Leonardo, etc., but you're actually a part of Middletown. (Jennifer Morgan)
  • you own a 'Great Race' shirt. (Courtney O'Callaghan Masterpalo)
  • you ate at Naples, Middletown Pizza, and Valentino's all in the same week. (Dana Mcmackin-Gearl)
  • you feel at home when you see the big scary clown on route 35. (Jennifer Pellegrino)
  • you've jumped off the Sandy Hook bridge. (Debbie Fetherston)
  • you are a Middletown North student and hate South & visa versa. (Jennifer Pellegrino)
  • you watched the fireworks down on Ideal Beach. (Janet Conwell)
  • you went to 'Middletown Movies' (Matthew Spears)
  • the St. Mary's Fair marks the start of summer. (Carin Morrell)
  • you absolutely hate bennys. (Christian Fawcett)
  • you know who the snake lady is. (Jeanine Storch)
  • you see the fake bull/bison on a front lawn. (Dana Barradale Houlihan)
  • you know who "Elvis" is and have been wondering where he's been. (Jennifer Pellegrino)
  • you went on at least one class trip a year to Poricy Park. (Stacey Stefanski)
  • you remember The Old Wagon Farm and the "talking pumpkins." (Dana Barradale Houlihan)
  • you went to high school at, simply, "North" or South." (Dena Besuden Temple)
  • you gamble for produce at the Navesink Fireman's Fair. (Dena Besuden Temple)


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