There has been a lot of serious stuff lately so today I wanted to attempt to bring a smile to your face.  Some time ago I was in a doctor’s office and saw this on the wall…I took a picture and figured there would be a day I would share.  Today is that day.  The title is MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY NOT TAUGHT IN MEDICAL SCHOOL:

Artery                              The study of fine painting

Barium                            What you do when the patient dies

Benign                             What you be after you be eight

Caesarian Section          A district in Rome

Colic                                A sheepdog

Congenital                      To live longer

Fester                               Quicker

G.I. Series                       A baseball game between soldiers

Hangnail                         Coat hook

Medical Staff                  A doctor’s cane

Minor Operation            Coal digging

Morbid                            A higher offer

Nitrate                             Lower than the day rate

Node                                 Was aware of

Organize                         Church musician

Out Patient                     A person who has fainted

Post-Operative                A letter carrier

Protein                             In favor of young children

Secretion                         Hiding something

Serology                          Study of English knighthood

Tablet                              A small table

Tumor                             An extra pair

Urine                               Opposite of you’re out

Varicose Veins                Veins very close together

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