We've all gone through haunted houses with varying degrees of terror; some are scary, some are lame...but do you think you could handle the unique twist for this one?

naked and afraid


Forget about zombies and vampires and mummies, the thing that is truly most-terrifying is...NUDITY.

Participants for the "Naked & Afraid Challenge" will enter a "semi-private preshow building" before entering the "Unknown Haunted House."

Don't worry about being gawked at, because the entire house is pitch black.  But before that eases your mind, remember that you'll be in pitch blackness, surrounded by lots of other strangers, who are ALSO NAKED.

So to recap: naked you + naked strangers + dark room. I'm not sure if I'm scared or intrigued.

There is also a "prude" version where you are permitted to keep your underwear on. But honestly, if you're going to strip to your underwear, you might as well go all the way, right?

You can find all the info by going to Shocktoberfest.com ...and let me know if you go!

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