A restaurant in Brooklyn is making waves across the internet after they revealed pictures of their new "spaghetti donut."

Hmm. Okay. Here's the thing - from what I can see, this isn't a "spaghetti donut", it's just a bunch of spaghetti pressed into the shape of a donut. For that reason, I think this is less repulsive than I initially thought, but still seems pretty terrible.

If this was a donut that was intended to be sweet, like a cake with spaghetti and marinara inside, I think it would be disgusting. They're also not doing something insane like using spaghetti with Boston creme or jelly inside. They're just compressing a plate of spaghetti into a circular tube, so in theory it wouldn't be that bad.

The thing is, pasta and sauce tend to be heavy meals. I feel like smushing all that pasta into a tight mass would just make it unbearably heavy. It also seems like it would be gross to take a bite of pasta in that fashion.

Pasta purists, Italian grandmas, foodies, what do you think? Would you try a spaghetti donut?

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