A 20 year old woman has accused teen music superstar Justin Bieber of fathering her 3 month old child. Apparently she had some Bieber fever and she claims he had the prescription. Bieber's reps have denied the accusations to this point. I have to say either way I am surprised he hasn't caught a paternity suit sooner. He is 1 of the biggest superstars in the world & women are constantly throwing themselves at him. The kid is living the dream; fame, fortune, money, and more access to fun then we could ever imagine. It's been silly that he has been running around with that Selena Gomez anyway. He is much too young to be settling down. I hope that it turns out that he is indeed not the father of this baby but I hope this young gentleman continues to live life to the fullest because he will be WASHED UP by the time he is 21.

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