As the dog days of summer approach, many of us will have to contend with the annual ritual of dealing with tiny flying insects that drive us crazy.

It seems every year, my wife and I argue about this problem.  She demands I get management in to take care of this, and I point out that no matter how many different sprays we've tried, we never win the battle.

Further, I believe those sprays they sell in the supermarket, can't be good for us to breath in, may harm our dogs, and leave residue on the surfaces where we spray- which is usually in the kitchen.

Where do they come from anyway?  We keep a clean home, yet those annoying bugs seem to appear out of nowhere each summer.

If all that sounds familiar, then you're probably dealing with gnats. Most common gnats like to feast of fungi and decaying plant matter.  If you have fruit in your kitchen, that will draw their attention, and they will love your garbage disposal.

Cap the garbage disposal in your sink.  They sell round rubber caps that cover the hole when you aren't using it.  Seems obvious but keep your kitchen clean.  If you leave food out, even for a short time, you'll draw gnats.  Store your fresh fruit in a sealed container (yes, bananas too.)

We've tried many ways to permanently get rid of them, but nothing worked long term.  The trick is to manage the situation, and we found a way that's worked well.

Fill a bowl with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, water, sugar, and soap.  Cover the bowl tightly with Saran Wrap and use a knife to poke holes in it.  The gnats are drawn to the mixtures and get trapped.

Make sure you pour some diluted bleach down your drains.  These are perfect breeding grounds for gnats.  We do this about once a week.

Finally, check your plants.  You may be wise to keep your plants outdoors.  If you buy plants from a store, check them before you bring them home.

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