As parents, we have to have a little bit of fun with our kids. I mean, you have to admit it, it's really fun to mess with them. I recently took advantage of an opportunity and it was hilarious, at least to me.

A few months ago, I upgraded my fish tank. I went from a 15-gallon tank to a 60-gallon tank. Quite the upgrade, I know. Either way, over the time I've had the tank, I've added a bunch of new fish to go along with the ones I already had. At this point, the fish are starting to get pretty big.

I have one fish, in particular, that is always super hungry, like all the damn time. This fish has actually jumped out of the tank and grabbed food out of my hand. I would love to say that I trained him to do this, but let's be honest, I don't think I've ever been the best fish trainer. Knowing that this fish is usually always ready to jump at a chance of some food, I decided to have some fun.

My daughters were looking at the fish one day recently, and the fish I mentioned was thinking they were gonna feed him. I told my oldest to go ahead and put her finger in the water and the fish would come up to her, but, sadly she didn't believe me (Which, I knew she wouldn't). It was all part of my master plan.

So, thinking the fish wouldn't react to her putting her finger in the water, the fish came swimming up so fast and jumped at her finger. Nothing happened but she did freak out and I laughed so hard.

What have you done to mess with your kids?

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